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  • David (PassMark)
    DiskCheckup does not work with most USB connected hard drives. At least not at the moment. We haven't deeply investigated the situation, but it seems the device drivers and / or the protocol bridge chip-sets in the external enclosure don't support SMART commands.

    [Update] DiskCheckup V3 now supports the majority USB connected drives. Only some older drives can not be supported. All the new ones should be OK.

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  • Bernard
    started a topic DiskCheckup V2.0 USB

    DiskCheckup V2.0 USB

    Does V2 of DiskCheckup support USB attached drives? I have a Western Digital My Book drive which appears to support SMART but it does not show up in DiskCheckup and I cannot see any way to tell DiskCheckup to go and look for it. If I were to switch the attachment from USB to Firewire would this make any difference?