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False positives with CA Etrust Antivirus product

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  • False positives with CA Etrust Antivirus product

    We have had a couple of reports of the CA Etrust Antivirus product detecting a virus (called Win32/Vxidl.DMT) in our BurnInTest and Testlog software.

    We believe this is a false positive and that CA has incorrectly updated their recent virus signature files.

    We have contacted CA about the issue and they have confirmed that they have corrected the issue (16th April 2008 ). What isn't clear is how long this correction will take to appear in their updated signature files. We assume it will be within the next couple of days.

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    If you see this in a product other than BurnInTest or Testlog or with a Antivirus product that isn't the CA product, or a virus that isn't called Win32/Vxidl.DMT, then you should contact us.