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DiskCheckup Non-Administrators Error prompt upon Logon

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  • DiskCheckup Non-Administrators Error prompt upon Logon


    For non-administrator user accounts on a Win2k3 Server Standard R2 box, when they log in they receive an error prompt stating the following error:

    Errors initializing DiskCheckup

    There were errors trying to gather the SMART info.
    You have no access rights to gather drive information.

    I have set the "DiskCheckup.exe" file's compatibility options to allow non-admin users to run the file, but I believe the issue is somewhere else.

    Running the program in DEBUG mode generates the following log:

    ================================================== =======
    DiskCheckup: 11:01:35 02-Jul-2008 - ParseCommandLine[3364]: "DEBUGMODE" is a command line argument
    DiskCheckup: 11:01:48 02-Jul-2008 - DiskCheckup V2.1 Build: 1000 built with SmartDisk DLL SDK v1.0 Build: 1013
    SmartDll: 11:01:48 02-Jul-2008 - SmartDisk DLL SDK v1.0 Build: 1013
    SmartDll: 11:01:48 02-Jul-2008 - SmartDll_Init ok
    SmartDll: 11:01:48 02-Jul-2008 - SmartDll_Init[3612]: err!=0 (err = -7002)
    DiskCheckup: 11:01:48 02-Jul-2008 - InitDialog[560]: SmartDll_Init error = -7002

    ================================================== =======

    If you could please shed some light on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

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    I have moved this post to a new thread as it was unrelated to the thread you posted it in.

    Anyone can run the Deskcheckup application, admin or not. But, as the error suggests, you need to have administrator access rights to collect SMART data, as it involves direct low level access to the device drivers.


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      Sorry for the miss-post, the search results I got on the topic led me to that post.

      So, basically, how do I get it so when a non-administrator logs in, they are not prompted with the error message?



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        You could give your non-administrator some admin rights, or you could not run the program when these people log in.


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          What permissions do non-admins need to access the "SMART info"?


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            The user needs to be a member of the Administrators group.