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Gaming/Work Laptops (NP9262 & NP5796)

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  • Gaming/Work Laptops (NP9262 & NP5796)

    Hi everyone.

    Newbie here looking for some advice regarding Gaming/Work (mostly database type work via wireless modem) Laptops.

    Yeah, so have been looking at some Sager Laptops and am trying to decide between the NP9262 and NP5796 Laptops.

    The NP9262 is a Core 2 Quad Proc Q9650 while the NP5796 is a Core 2 Extreme Proc X9100.

    Here's a link to the Sager product page:

    So which config would perform better/faster and have a longer usage life? (as far as Laptops are concerned anyway.) Which one blows which out of the water?

    The only sticky issue for me at this point is whether or not the NP9262 is upgradeable to work with DDR 3 1066 Mhz RAM.

    Please advise. Cheers.

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    I would take the X9100. Becuse,
    1) It is a mobile chip, so the battery life should be better
    2) It is cheaper
    3) Most games and databases don't use quad cores (yet)

    If you are doing database work, get the slower dual core CPU and with the spare cash get a SSD instead.


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      Heyas passmark,

      Right ok so the X9100 then.

      Just need to clarify one point though.

      When I mentioned "Longer Usage Life" I meant which Laptop would stand the test of time, i.e. Longevity?

      Battery life is not really an issue for me, can usually find a power outlet at a client's place.

      It would suck big time if I had to go and upgrade after two years.

      SSD very tempting. How stable is SSD anyway? Is it more reliable than your standard HDD? Aww heck, just checked out Sager and they don't offer SSD's with their Laptops.

      Whatcha reckon? Cheers.


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        Anything you buy today will look like rubbish in 2 years.

        In two years the standard PC will be a 8 core Intel Core I7 CPU running 16 threads, 8GB of triple channel DDR3 RAM with a 320MB SSD running at something like 10x the speed to todays laptop harddrives.