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New versions of Sleeper and Rebooter

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  • New versions of Sleeper and Rebooter

    New versions of Sleeper and Rebooter are now available here
    and here

    These releases add better logging & more cycling options.


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    problem with options


    since the windows standby option on my PC somehow does not use S3 mode so that the fans are still spinning but sleeper is able to put it into S3 mode successfully, I would like to use sleeper as my regular standby switch.

    I have played around with the options of the command line but sleeper keeps cycling standbys after every wakeup. I would think the following line should put the PC to sleep once and nothing more:
    sleeper -S0010 -N 1 -E

    Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?



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      Hi George,

      We weren't able to reproduce the problems you described here though I have a few suggestions;
      • Your command line argument seems to be missing the time to stay in the sleep state, using -H will put it in the required sleep state until it is woken through a hardware action.
      • Turn on the logging for Sleeper by selecting the "Log to file" option in the configuration window, and make sure the "Append to log file" option is selected. The log file might report an error that is occurring in the S3 state.
      • If the Windows standby doesn't provide the option for S3 then it's possible it isn't supported properly by your system and this could be causing the strange behaviour.


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        Thanks Tim!

        I have deleted all config files etc. from the sleeper folder, restarted the pc and tried:
        sleeper -S0010 -N 1 -E -H
        and - it work's! yesterday I have tried all combinations and it didn't. totally odd...

        But anyway, thanks for your help!



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          That is really strange: Since I used the Sleeper tool, now also the standby from within the windows shutdown menu works. It worked never before! What is it what sleeper changes?