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  • ImageUSB problem

    Sorry if this is not a good place for this as I didn't see a dedicated forum for the ImageUSB tool.

    Anyway, we mass produce restore thumb drives for an Automated Attendant terminal that we sell. We currently image several thumb drives a month 1 by 1. The thumb drive has a bootable micro Linux distro and a gparted image of the entrire OS (Win XPe).

    I put in one of these thumb drives and created an image within ImageUSB. I then removed the original thumb drive and inserted 4 freshly formatted thumb drives and selected all four of them (J, K, L, M). Changed step 2 from Create to Write; Verified under step 3 it was pointing to the correct file, and then selected 'Write to UFD' under step 4.

    I then get an error saying the application has ran into an exception. The application works fine with 3 drives or less but not 4+.

    We would like to do 6-10 at once.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <MATCHING_FILE NAME="imageUSB.exe" SIZE="394384" CHECKSUM="0xF64CA56C" BIN_FILE_VERSION="1.0.1000.0" BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="1.0.1000.0" PRODUCT_VERSION="1, 0, 1000, 0" FILE_DESCRIPTION="imageUSB" COMPANY_NAME="PassMark Software" PRODUCT_NAME="imageUSB Application" FILE_VERSION="1, 0, 1000, 0" ORIGINAL_FILENAME="imageUSB.exe" INTERNAL_NAME="imageUSB" LEGAL_COPYRIGHT="Copyright (C) 2010" VERFILEDATEHI="0x0" VERFILEDATELO="0x0" VERFILEOS="0x4" VERFILETYPE="0x1" MODULE_TYPE="WIN32" PE_CHECKSUM="0x6B54C" LINKER_VERSION="0x0" UPTO_BIN_FILE_VERSION="1.0.1000.0" UPTO_BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="1.0.1000.0" LINK_DATE="12/22/2010 22:43:11" UPTO_LINK_DATE="12/22/2010 22:43:11" VER_LANGUAGE="English (United States) [0x409]" />
    <MATCHING_FILE NAME="kernel32.dll" SIZE="989696" CHECKSUM="0x2D998938" BIN_FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781" BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781" PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781" FILE_DESCRIPTION="Windows NT BASE API Client DLL" COMPANY_NAME="Microsoft Corporation" PRODUCT_NAME="Microsoft® Windows® Operating System" FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781 (xpsp_sp3_gdr.090321-1317)" ORIGINAL_FILENAME="kernel32" INTERNAL_NAME="kernel32" LEGAL_COPYRIGHT="© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved." VERFILEDATEHI="0x0" VERFILEDATELO="0x0" VERFILEOS="0x40004" VERFILETYPE="0x2" MODULE_TYPE="WIN32" PE_CHECKSUM="0xFE572" LINKER_VERSION="0x50001" UPTO_BIN_FILE_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781" UPTO_BIN_PRODUCT_VERSION="5.1.2600.5781" LINK_DATE="03/21/2009 14:06:58" UPTO_LINK_DATE="03/21/2009 14:06:58" VER_LANGUAGE="English (United States) [0x409]" />
    Here is a copy of the crash data. If you need / want any additional info please let me know.

    I also noticed that your exe version is 1.0.1000.0 but just above the dl link it has a different higher version listed. Was the build not incrememnted at compile time or is the link still pointing to and older version?

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    Which O/S are you using?
    What size are the drives being duplicated?
    We'll try and reproduce the problem here.


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      Originally posted by passmark View Post
      Which O/S are you using?
      What size are the drives being duplicated?
      We'll try and reproduce the problem here.
      We are using Windows XP Prof. w/ SP3 w/ all the latest updates. The thumb drives we are using are 2GB each (Imation Swivel, USB 2.0) but we image them with an image for a 1 GB thumb drive. This is because we never expanded the image after we started using 2 GB drives. I plan on doing this soon but it never caused any issues before.

      We are using a Intel DH55HC motherboard, I will try it on another board to see if the issue persists, as well as expand the image to 2 GB.

      Thanks for your time,


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        I think I have located the issue. I was able to reproduce the problem in-house. I expect a new release build to be available in the next few days. There are some behind the scene changes that will be incorporated and some additional testing.

        I will update this post when the new build is released.




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          Version 1.1.1004 has been uploaded and available for download. If crash still occurs, please run the program with "-d" command line arguments and send in the "imageUSB.log" file to support.


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            This seems to have corrected the behaviour. I just did 5 drives without issue. I will test to make sure they deploy to the terminals correctly.

            Thank you very much, this saves me a lot of production time and effort.