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  • First Post - Presales Question

    One of my computers (Lenovo 8142-28U) is causing audio to stutter. Thinking that the problem is driver related, I built an identical computer and use both. All of my audio and video functions have been moved to the second one.

    While I was reading a post this morning at, I saw a reference to Passmark. Just for grins, I downloaded the trial and ran it on three computers. What was most telling was the stuttering computer has a hard drive benchmark of 32. The other computer is about 390, as I recall. There are two drives in the stuttering computer, both brand new WD SATAs. After getting 32 on the first drive, I ran Passmark on the second drive and got the same result. Therefore, the problem must be the motherboard. Hopefully a controller card will get me back up to speed.

    Here's my question. If I purchase a license to Passmark, how do I legally use it on multiple computers? Is there a way to transfer the license? The program does not need to be permanently installed on each computer.

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    You can move the software between machines.

    See also this FAQ
    Q. How many licenses will I need if I purchase PerformanceTest?

    You might also like to try,
    1) Re-installing the motherboard device drivers, assuming the drives are connected to the on board SATA ports.
    2) De-fragmenting the drives
    3) Checking the drives are in DMA mode and not PIO mode.


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      Apparently the INF drivers were never loaded on the computer. I installed them, but the problem did not clear. After some investigation, I saw that the SATA DVD drive was PIO, and the other two SATA drives were UDMA5.

      The original configuration was Drive 1 on SATA 1, Drive 2 or SATA 4, and the DVD on SATA 3. When I moved Drive 2 to SATA 2, my Disk Test went from 39 to 631. All three drives are now UDMA5. It doesn't make any sense to me, but it solved the problem, so I'm happy.

      Thanks for the licensing link. Being able to run from a USB drive solves my problem, so you've just made a sale.


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        I have said this before but I'll say it again. PerformanceTest is on of the best diagnostic tools available and well worth the price.

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