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    i'm JD and a new member,

    i cant decide what to get.... i've got a laptop with Linux Ubuntu and the laptop is noisy with youtube and open office calc....

    i dont have the skills to build a pc and i dont really care either...

    i was looking for a All in one PC

    looked at an Imac but they are a bit on the expensive side price vs parts..
    an simple I3 3.06 ghz is 1200 euro and an 3.2 ghz 1499... ( if i stay with a all in one sollution than HP acer or Asus can get it like around 1000 euro

    My laptop is a C2d T7250 running at 2Ghz

    what would you reccommend for internet, office, youtube, music, and some light photo editting with Gimp

    my neighbour is a pro gamer and all he talks is I7 all the way

    i dont want a high end pc price wise but i do want an upgrade that is price performance wise a very good upgrade

    sorry about the long story

    Thanks !

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    If the only problem is the noise then maybe you can live with what you have.

    I assume it is fan noise you are hearing?

    Laptops can get noisy if they get hot. So if you keep it cool (e.g. with better airflow, or cooling pad) then the noise might be reduced.

    Another possible reason it is getting hot / noisy is maybe becuase Ubuntu isn't managing the power very well. e.g. doesn't idle the machine when not in use, nor control the fan speed.


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      hi and thanks for the answer,

      i did some research and i didnt find any clues about the power management

      cleaned the fans and running my laptop on a big coolingpad...

      i'm running into some hardware limitations so thats why i've posted my questions

      Thanks in advance



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        Even the most under powered laptop should deal with "internet, office, youtube, music, and some light photo editting with Gimp". So what are the limitations? And you existing Core2 duo T7250 can't be that old.

        Was the laptop ever running Windows? Where the fans quieter? Did you check the temperatures being reported by the CPU? Did you check BIOS to see if there are fan controls?


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          its running hot even in the beginning with Vista

          like 57, celcius idle 72 celcius load

          could you reccommend a all in one pc?


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            IMHO there is something wrong with the setup of machine. 57C is far to hot for a idle machine.

            If you really want to buy a new portable machine get a machine with the new Sandy bridge chips.
            Core i5 2410M, 2520M or 2540M