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  • Forum account activation - Evil spammers

    We have tried to avoid it for as long as possible, but we no longer have any choice.

    Previously we allowed anyone and everyone to post messages to this forum. This may life easy for everyone. Unfortunately the spammers also took advantage of the situation. The spammers started posting articles with links to online casinos, porn, Viagra and all the usual crap.

    At fist we were getting only 1 or 2 spam posts a week. But in the last few days we have been getting more than 10 a day. Worse, they have been coming from automated 'robots', at different IP addresses, so the spammer were able to post a large number of spam articles in a short amount of time. So there was no change we could ever keep up with the spammers by manually deleting the offending articles.

    So as a result we are now forcing people to register before posting in this forum. Which is a real inconvenience for our legitimate users, but it was either that or let spammers take over the forum.