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    I was looking at the System Benchmarks and noticed that all systems in the top 20 had Win 10 Pro. Why is this, as they mostly only had 16/32 GB range of RAM? What is so special that all fast rigs have the Win 10 Pro version?

    I also noticed that most motherboards were ASUSTek of some variety. Are they that special, as must be more than coincidence most guys have them?

    The reason for asking, as I need to rebuild my 8 year old flight sim machine, and I need a MB that I can "easily" (by easily, I mean open up the bios? and chose turbo, oc etc) get into turbo with an i7 7700 with 16GB RAM. Speed in the late 4's will be great. As I may not have many more builds left in me, want to make this build work 'well'....

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    Some of the Top 20 are running Win7 & Win8 (at least at the moment). A few also had 64GB of RAM. Motherboard are a mix of ASUS, MSI and ASRock. ASUS does seem to be more popular however. I don't know why.

    So nothing is special about Win10 from the point of view of hardware performance (except maybe DirectX 12 3D support).


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      Thanks for the reply David. Maybe people go though phases where they use a manufacturer of Motherboard, see what every one is using and follow suit...if it works for them, should for me....As for Win 10 Home or Pro, maybe looks better to have the Pro. Though Pro apparently allows you to postpone updates, whereas with Home you have to accept them when downloaded.


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        doesn't Win 10 run much fastest and it doesn't need much memory??think i can be even a good choice for quite old computers/laptops, well of course this is only possible with a new graphic our office all laptops run on win 10 and i wouldn't say those are brand new laptops...
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          doesn't Win 10 run much fastest
          No. It doesn't.


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            Sorry to ask here, but i'm about to upgrade from Window 7 to Win 10 but i don't know if Win 10 is better for gaming? Thank !


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              Win10 support DirectX12. Which makes it better for gaming (or at least for some games).


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                Originally posted by David (PassMark) View Post
                Win10 support DirectX12. Which makes it better for gaming (or at least for some games).
                Thanks for the reply man, u're right, i think it's better !