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'USB3.0 operation timeout' Error

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  • 'USB3.0 operation timeout' Error


    'USB3.0 opeartion timeout' error occurred while using BurnIntest 8.1
    There are 4 USB ports, and if you test all four, an error occurs (up to 3 is okay.)
    The problem does not occur in BurnIntest 7.1.(USB Plug: Firmware 1.7)
    The problem usually occurs at the same time as the first start.

    Is the USB Plug Firmware problem? Burnintest Version Problem? Or are there other problems?
    - Test environment -

    OS: Win7 64bit Pro
    Test Program: BurnIntest Program8.1(1022)
    USB Plug: Firmware 2.5
    Duty Cycle: 80%

    Pleas check and reply
    Thank you

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    With new versions of the firmware for the USB3.0 loopback plug we have been able to improve the throughput of the plugs to the point where we are getting close to the theoretical maximum. In turn this placed a lot more load on the PC and the host controller device driver.

    What we found was that on many systems it isn't possible to connect new USB devices (or re-enumerate existing devices) when the USB bus is already under very high load. The enumeration process would fail. We assume this is because the messages required were not sent in a timely manner by the driver. i.e the connection / enumeration messages are not given priority over the existing traffic on the USB bus. This issue wan't nearly as noticeable in the older firmware as the load on the bus was less.Depending on how you look at it, it is a flaw in the design of the USB protocol. The problem happens on both Linux and Windows.

    With just a couple of plugs running it isn't an issue, but with large numbers of plugs the bus / driver / host controller is totally saturated. We had a problem at around 8 plugs on our test system.

    To fix this we updated BurnInTest to not load the bus while plugs were in the setup phase (in Version 8.1 build 1021). And then in build 1022 we applied USB Timeout set in USB preferences window to USB3 benchmark test.

    So you could try increasing the length of the timeout.

    What are the hardware specs of your machine?
    Are you running any other tests at the same time as the USB3.0 test? (if yes, can you try just running the USB3 by itself).


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      We usually test all the ports together as we go through the load test.
      In general, USB, Comport, Disk, 2D, CPU, and RAM are aging tested at 80% duty cycle for 24 hours to determine that it is normal when PASS.
      There is no problem when using version 7.1, but it is difficult for us to catch test criteria because of problems when using 8.1.
      Because it can not be tested under the same conditions.

      For hardware that is experiencing USB problems, no error occurs if you test it alone or lower the load.
      Is this a hardware problem? It's an ambiguous issue ...

      Is there a clear condition for the load test of the system?

      Please check and reply
      Thank you
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        Can you Email us the BurnIntest log file.