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USB 3.0 testing - Timeout reading benchmark data

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  • USB 3.0 testing - Timeout reading benchmark data

    Using the USB 3.0 Loopback Plugs and USBTest Software under Windows , the log application shows: Timeout reading benchmark data during Benchmark mode testing. The results are similar in two different devices. Attached two picture showing the configuration used and the results.
    Click image for larger version

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    Please, may you give us hints to handle this error.
    If additional information is needed, please, let us know.

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    Please, refer to benchmark configuration and results here.
    Click image for larger version

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      Might be old device driver software?
      You can get updates from here

      If not, then can you provide more details of the PC being used, if any hub is being used, how many plugs are connected, if there is any other load on the PC at the time. Does this happen all the time on this machine or just some of the time?


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        Dear David,

        Bellow the answer to your questions:
        • Driver version. The device driver is up to date.
        • The PC is running Windows 7 64bits, CPU Intel i7, 64GB memory. Details specs attached.
        • There is not USB used with the USB Tester. Is connected to a XHCI Controller. USB tree with all the devices connected attached.
        • There is load in the others ports, as show the device tree.
        • This happen all the time.
        Thanks for your reply and any advice.
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          The Attachments function had problems. I tried many times to upload a picture. Not sure what is going on.

          Please, refer to USB device tree in the following link:



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            The error message "Timeout error reading benchmark data" means your system failed to receive 2MB of data from the plug within 2 seconds. The actual throughput of a USB3 port is much higher and expected to be around 400MB/sec and therefore this failure indicates a very low throughput. Here are two possibilities:
            - Host controller driver or BIOS firmware is not up-to-date.
            - There are low level errors (physical layer errors) on the bus which causing failures and those errors are frequent enough to have an impact on the average performance.