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  • Android CPU Question

    Hi Guys,

    I own a Moto G5 and I'm completely frustrated with it. Unexpected slowdowns, momentary freezing in opening and switching apps, and overall poor performance makes me think that the CPU is to blame. The Passmark score for it is 113 046. Is that slow by today's standards? I'm thinking that there could be a different bottleneck such as GPU / memory. Do you have experience with this?

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    You can compare your scores to average scores on the Android benchmark site.


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      Did you end up getting the version with 2 or 3GB of RAM? Not sure if that could make a difference. I was starting to get concerned that 4GB of RAM in my Pixel wasn't going to be sufficient heading into 2019 as flagship phones are getting crazy these days with 6 and 8+ GB of memory, which just seems insane, as even a basic desktop with 4GB of memory is sufficient to run Windows 10 if you just want to browse the web and check email and (*gasp*) social media, as well.

      Have you tried to enable developer options and fiddle with some of the animation scale settings? Turn down Window, Transition and Animator duration from 1.0 to .5x and see if that helps out any. It's made my phone(s) feel quite a bit more smooth when flipping around between windows and such. Might be a long shot, but not sure where else to start without knowing a LOT more about your situation.

      Wish I had more to offer. Best of luck trying to resolve your issues. You running Nougat on that device, or has it gotten an upgrade to Oreo, at least? I'm not sure what devices qualify for Android One, but seems that phone should be able to perform some basic tasks. In addition to the great Passmark app, perhaps try installing CPU-Z to see if there's an issue with your CPU getting throttled or something of that nature -->

      Hard to say, these are such complex devices, there's so very many things that could potentially go wrong. Perhaps also try limiting background apps in the settings. I'd been afraid to run an actual Passmark score on my device, as I think the Snapdragon 845 in the Pixel 3 XL are under-performing compared to other devices with the same CPU. You may have prompted me to get some courage to find out for myself.