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More ram or faster ram?

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  • David (PassMark)
    I think 4GB is too little for Win7 & Win10.

    But if you can make sure you are using two identical sticks and get the machine into dual channel mode. Slower RAM in dual channel is better than faster RAM in single channel.

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  • brucecy92
    started a topic More ram or faster ram?

    More ram or faster ram?

    I am building a PC for my kid and have already ordered the bits. Being undecided I did a lot of swapping and changing in the planning stage, then cancelled the A6 apu I ordered thinking if I bought an A8 then it would be money well spent the PC being of acceptable pace for a longer time.

    My dilemma now it do I take the 8GB of 1333mhz RAM out of my computer and substitute it for the 4GB of 1866mhz RAM I bought originally for an A6 APU build plan. My PC is hardly taxed I am not a gamer and run with Ubuntu 12.04 so it can have either type of RAM in it.

    The system I am building will be running 64bit Windows 7, probably with a SATA 1 hard drive - ordered bargain basement price advertised only as 640GB. So, for the fastest best system with an A8 apu, no separate graphics card is it best to go with the larger amount of slower RAM or the smaller amount of faster RAM?

    Machine will be used for light gaming / surfing. And I am out of budget so not buying any more anything for it for the time being.

    Thanks for any replies.