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Strange Performance on Pentium Gold g5420

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  • Richard (PassMark)
    Looking at the two CPUs spec-wise, they should perform very similar, with the G5420 having a edge with the higher clock rate.

    The discrepancy is due to low numbers of submissions with Pentium Gold G5420 from the current release of PerformanceTest. As of this post, there has only been a single submission for G5420 with a low score of ~2200 CPU Mark. Score from previous version of PerformanceTest is factored into the current score (it is estimated to have an rating of 3900), but the low sample is dragging the average down. Once more results come, the rating should stabilize and provide a better comparison.

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  • masteripper
    started a topic Strange Performance on Pentium Gold g5420

    Strange Performance on Pentium Gold g5420

    I am considering buying a Pentium Gold g5420 in order to build a cheap low power NAS but what troubles me is extremely low performance compared to g5400 which seems to be its smaller sibling
    G5420 has single thread performance 2370 but total performance only 3051
    G5400 has single thread performance 2265 but total performance 3724
    So i am asking are these numbers correct...does actually g5420 such a slow player ?