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    Why do people have to steal from other people David? No, where on your site it says subscription. I'm happy that I protected myself from your con. I used a virtual credit card to purchase PerformanceTest. I only found out about your con when I create a new account. I will make sure I will write a review on the 3 or 4 review websites and go to forums like LinusTechTips and spread your con

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    You may be mistaken, but there is no subscription for PerformanceTest. We do not store credit card information and would have no way of collecting payment besides the initial payment.

    When you purchase a a new license of PerformanceTest, you receive a complementary 12-month Software Support & Updates (SSU) license. The 12-month SSU license entitles you to support, as well as any new versions of PerformanceTest that are released during this time frame. The actual license of PerformanceTest does not expire. Meaning, if your SSU license expires, you are still able to use the software (the version you are license for), but you will not be able to receive new releases or software support. Additional support can be purchased before the initial support ends, but it is totally optional. If we release an major upgrade, e.g. V11, and if your license is no under support, you can still upgrade to the new version at upgrade pricing.

    You are able to download our trial version from our website with no strings attached. You can even continue to benchmark your system after the initial trial period, only some of the features are disabled, e.g. advance tests, manage baseline.


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      We don't have automatic subscription billing, if that is what you are implying.
      What was the actual problem you had?
      I'll send you a direct Email as well for details.