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Rough comparison to Teraflops

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  • David (PassMark)
    FLOPs is a measure of floating point operations per second.
    But it is rather vague. As it doesn't really define
    - the exact type of operation (additional, multiplication, square roots, etc..)
    - the data size (64bit, 32bit, 16bit, etc...)
    - the size of the data buffer and if that buffer can fit into the CPU's cache
    - the rounding mode used
    - single thread or multi-thread
    - if AVX & other SIMD instructions can be used
    - if the mix of instructions and variables allows hyper threading and pipelining to be effectively used.
    - etc....

    The closest measure in PerformanceTest is the "Floating point maths" test which returns a result in Millions of operations per second (MOps)
    So, for example, my i7-4770 CPU 3.4Ghz 4 core 8 threads, has a result of 13,088 MOps.

    So ~13 GigaFLOPs for a i7-4770.

    Which is almost 4 operations per clock cycle.

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  • Johnksellers
    started a topic Rough comparison to Teraflops

    Rough comparison to Teraflops

    I am curious about benchmarks.

    Is the numeric result roughly proportional to Flops?

    And, what would the benchmark result that would roughly comparable to one Teraflop?