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Windows reboots using PassMark [LOG INSIDE]

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  • Simon (PassMark)
    Would have helped if you mentioned what software and hardware you are using. If the machine reboots it is likely a hardware failure or device driver bug.

    You can email the log to us. Refer to this forum post in the email so we know what it is regarding.

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  • rub3n
    started a topic Windows reboots using PassMark [LOG INSIDE]

    Windows reboots using PassMark [LOG INSIDE]

    First of all, I don't speak english, so maybe I've some errors. (I'm from Barcelona, Spain)

    I buyed a new motherboard and used CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD M.2 NVME from the other PC that working well, but now I've a problem with this new configuration.

    I'm started the program with DEBUG and here is the result:

    Ops, I don't know how can upload the logs, I tried copy&paste and 'Upload Attachements' but I can't.