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2021 Laptop wont run DX10 Passmark

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  • 2021 Laptop wont run DX10 Passmark

    Up to date Win10, MSI GE76 Raider laptop. No display when DX10 starts, will run dx9 though

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    Have you got the latest video card device drivers installed?
    Has this laptop got both integrated graphics and discrete graphics? Maybe device driver is attempted to run it on integrated card?
    What is the monitor setup?

    Can you send us the log file?


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      Thanks David,, is the driver. yes the cpu does have integrated graphics, screen is set at 3840 x 2160 x 120hz,
      Attached Files


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        Thanks for the log but it doesn't seem to be complete, did you try and run any of the 3D tests while in debug mode (there weren't any test related log messages)?
        Could you please re-run in debug mode and try to run the 3D tests before sending us the updated log.

        Did you close PerformanceTest or was there a crash (there didn't seem to be any log messages indicating PerformaneTest was exiting).


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          Hmm, The complete run freezes at DX9,,
          next day..
          Sorry about the delay, had utube loading problems yesterday.. also still wont attach the results to you..


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            The DirectX9 and DirectX10 tests are completely different sets of code. So it would be very strange for both of them to fail without a common cause. e.g. bad video card device drivers, hardware failure, or 3rd party software messing things up. Some screen recorders, overlays & remote desktop solutions are known to cause problems for 3D applications.