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In this forum cant edit my 1st post.

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  • In this forum cant edit my 1st post.

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    Error You are not authorized to update this post.

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    For new registered forum users, their first few posts need to be moderated to cut down on SPAM posts.


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      codingI asked about why i cant edit a posti just made. Wanted to add more info and was not able. If i put not enoh info then it might not be accepted. For spam can use spam filtering. Need help setting it up? I would like to make something new with current database collected cpu info.

      But edit option new users need, in case while wiating for accept then they can put more info update.
      Can migrate to better systems. this is so 1990.
      Why not coding horror discourse?
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        Spammers make legitimate looking posts, then come back some time latter to add spam links into them.

        Yes, it makes everyone's live difficult, but this is the world we live in.

        In our other forum there was 99 spam posts per 1 real post. We had to shut it down in the end.