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USB-PD Tester Model 125 - Profile List Query

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  • USB-PD Tester Model 125 - Profile List Query

    I am using the USB-PD tester with the command line utility to query my device's supported profiles.

    When I command the USB-PD to set profile 1, the USB-PD display "seems to reset" and then show a 5V configuration.

    If I command the USB-PD to test at 3000mA, I see and undervoltage message on the display, and my voltage less than 4.75V.

    My question is, "Does the USB-PD profile query report an actual current value provided by my source, or does it default to 3000mA based on some table within the firmware?"

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    The profiles displayed are obtained from querying the power source, except in the case none are found then it will default to a 5V 500mA profile. For PD-FIX type profiles, it is likely found through the source sending a "Source Capabilities" type Power Delivery message. For the undervoltage message limit however, this is in the firmware and taken from the Power Delivery specification, not the source.


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      We support Win10 and Win11 with all of our software and hardware. Win7 & 8 are also OK for the most part.
      Some of our software has Linux support, but not the USB-PD test application.

      The device can function on it's own, without any external software and there is also a Python programming interface, which can be used in Linux.

      In terms of min hardware specs for the PC. We haven't tested on super low end machines, but pretty much any PC made in the last 5 years should be fine.