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Multi-Partition Mounting

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  • Multi-Partition Mounting

    I have an image that has a partition table in the boot sector (first 512 bytes) and references 4 2GB partitions. On Mac, all 4 volumes mount easily. On Windows, it's hard to find a utility that will mount all four, as such dynamically. All tools ask for the image and one SINGLE drive letter to mount to. Of course it needs 4 drive letters, and only knows that once it reads the partition table. Can OSFMount help? (I wanted to ask before I tried it.)

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    Should be OK. There are options in OSFMount to mount emulate a physical drive or just a volume (partition).

    But maybe you are confusing two issues. Being able to mount the drive and being able to read the drive.
    Windows can't read the Mac file system (Called HFS+). So even if you mount it Windows won't let you see the files, unless the formatted file system is NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT.

    For reading a the Mac file system on Windows you need a additional device driver, or a tool like OSForensics that directly parses the file system.