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DX 11 test is getting an Error saying my result is too high

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  • DX 11 test is getting an Error saying my result is too high

    I'm currently running a 4090 and when running the 3DMark test I seem to get an error when running the DX11 test. It says the result is too high and not possible. Is there anything I can do or is the test reporting something odd? All the other benchmark scores seem to be somewhat in line with other 4090s I've seen on the site but my DX11 number seems to be insanely high as I see the fps counter show as high as 1250 fps. I've disabled any capture software and any fps overlay software and even disabled DSR in the nvidia control panel. My native resolution in 2560 x 1440 @ 170hz on my monitor. If it matters I'm also running Windows 11 with a 5800X3D. I'm attaching the error and the results I get for the other test
    Click image for larger version

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    We been made aware of the issue. We'll take a closer look at this (in the next couple of weeks when works hours become more regular). There is a hard limit currently of 1000FPS on the DirectX 11 test. With the RTX 4090 averaging 860 PFS on the DX11 test, it can become a problem. (Note: RTX 3090 Ti average on DX11 is 614FPS). We'll likely adjust the limit in an upcoming release to make room for newer more powerful cards.


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      There is an updated build of PerformanceTest now available that has increased the limit for this error message.