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    Dear patient Dave its that South African character with the retired r9 390 again,as you may remember I got a new rx6600xt recently and Ive spent all my time on passmark,techpowerup and amd adrenaline and I have a problem...when I first tried out your 3d test I was over the moon to see my score was more than double the retired r9...then I started fiddling with adrenaline settings.I dont play games I only benchmark (serious lol) so I dont care about quality Im only interested in max performance the sort that gets the highest benchmarking score.So in pursuit of my goal I changed settings in adrenaline to what I thought would be best performance and to my horror I was dead wrong.In your dx12 test I used to get 86fps(penalised because of resolution) now I get at best 53fps and more fiddling gets me 32fps,Ive managed to get back to 53fps but 80+fps forget about it.please Dave what am I doing wrong?I realise my problem must be a pain in the ass for you but I have noone else I can ask.......all the very best from the troubled land of South Africa...Brennan.
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    Can you just revert to the original settings (which I assume was the defaults)?


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      Dave you are dead right I omitted to say that I downloaded and installed some fool's "custom super performance bios" after reading your reply I thought maybe this fool who created the bios knows a bit less about making custom bios's than AMD I downloaded the bog trot standard bios from techpower installed it (not an easy task with AMD's flashing tool) and lo and behold dx12 framerates are back into the 80's in fact Im bloody close to thankyou and hope things in Australia are better than here in Africa (silly question) keep well and bye always wondered what your personal pc consists of ( probably 4 threadrippers and 2 4090's 16 980evo's all in raid-0??? ) do you mind telling me?...thanks Brennanx


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        BIOS development is hard work, for any type of electronics. And is 10x harder when you only have partial knowledge of proprietary hardware & no budget.
        (and the people who do have budgets for this type of stuff are sometimes state actors or criminal syndicates)

        I would never trust 3rd party BIOS unless the official stuff is totally broken beyond repair.


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          Thanks for reply Dave...keep well.