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Very happy with my new Vizio laptop is testing

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  • Very happy with my new Vizio laptop is testing

    I bought a refurbished Vizio ct14t-b1 thin & light notebook, with the quad core i7-3635qm cpu, 8 gb memory, 256gb ssd, touch screen (which I think is useless on notebooks. I will never use it).
    I needed a decent laptop to do some video and photo editing when I am away from home, but I didn't want to pay more than 300 bucks for it. I looked at the minimum passmark scores I wanted from a laptop. You cannot look for all cpu scores for this, you have to search only for the cpu laptop scores on the correct page.

    Anyway, this little 14" laptop is giving me cpu scores around 7550 consistently. Which if you look at the laptop cpu tables is very, very good, for a cpu that is 3 years old. The reason is that it is a true quad core. Most notebooks today in my price range were very underpowered, two cores cpu, so buying this older, new refurbished straight from Microsoft Signature made sense to me. And the tests have prove me right.

    When you test your laptop, made sure that is plugin to power. It's the only way to get the correct scores.