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Burning to CD - just want to check I'm following the correct steps

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  • Burning to CD - just want to check I'm following the correct steps


    New user here - just wanting to make sure I'm correctly following the steps from here:

    "Create a bootable CD-ROM:
    1. Download the Windows MemTest86 ISO image.
    2. Right click on the downloaded file and select the "Extract to Here” option. This places the CD-ROM ISO image into the current folder.
    3. Use the CD burning software available on your system to create a CD-ROM using the extracted ISO image. Be sure that you create a CD image from the ISO file rather than placing a copy of the ISO file onto a data CD. Look for “Burn Image from File” or similar option under the File menu of your CD burning software."

    I have a single use (non re-writable) cd, and I'm basically ready to burn the image. I'm just a bit confused about where it says "Look for Burn Image from File or similar option under the File menu of you CD burning software." due to what I've indicated below.

    What I've done so far is extract the file then double click on the disk image file, and it's basically bought up what's displayed in the image on the following link:

    I assume it's safe if I just press "Burn" here? I've looked on youtube but most the vids there are from several years ago and/or not in English! (Obviously I wouldn't want to end up wasting a non re-writable disk by doing something wrong hence I'm checking just to be certain!)

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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    A few points:

    Unless you have a good reason you should use a USB drive rather than a CD for MemTest86.

    CDs are dead technology.

    Blank CDs are cheap. They are only worth about $0.20 in bulk. Not expensive enough to worry about wasting a few.

    While I can't see what is on your screen, yes, just click on Burn, if you must.