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Values for AMD Athlon X3 450 scewed

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  • Values for AMD Athlon X3 450 scewed

    I've an Athlon II X3 450, which results back in a score of 2629. Out of curiosity, I compared it to the Athlon X3 450, and that returned back a score of 3064. Looking up and down the table, this figure seems 'out of place' with the others. Compared to the Athlon X3 425, 435, 440, 445, etc, and then the Athlon II X3 425, 435, etc, all the values are in the same 'ballpark' apart from the Athlon X3 450 which seems higher than it should?

    Aah, just clicked the link and see its only got one sample.... guess that explains it...

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    Yes there is only 1 sample for the X3 450 (and most of the other X3 XXX variants) while there are nearly 400 for the Athlon II X3 450 so its results are much more accurate.
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