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  • Please Help! Great Trouble!

    okay, here is the situation:

    I'm writing this topic from school, because i have problems with BOTH of my computers at home!!

    It all started when my friend brought his video card from home so we can play some LAN games over the weekend, because only my core 2 duo has a video card, but my athlon x2 4200+ has onboard, as it is mainly used for documents and stuff. So when my friend had to leave, we forgot about the card and had to remove it in the hurry, and i forgot to remove the drivers and switch the settings back to onboard graphics. So we removed the card, and the computer would boot up, load windows, but not show me anything after! Just a black screen! I had this problem before with my AMD, and i just did 'system recovery' and it would go back to normal, despite me losing all the data i had on it... I cannot do it this time, because my dad has some important documents on it, so i cannot do system recovery. So i thought that maybe if i put in my gf 7600 from the core 2 duo into my athlon, and connect the monitor to it, that it would load up, then i'd change the settings in windows, turn the computer off and just remove the card and everything would go back to normal (btw my friend's card is a 7300gs, and i have a 7600gt). So i removed the card and placed it into the amd, and nothing has happened, so i just put the card back into the core 2 duo. And to my GREAT frustration, it would not boot up!!!!!!!! I would just not see anything on the screen! WHY? I was extremely frustrated!!! I just couldn't believe it, why whould that happen? I mean, i have cut out the power when i removed the video card and stuff, but the fact is, after i took it out and put it back in, it stopped working. My athlon at least can boot up, but on my core 2 duo, the hard drive activity led just glows... and the power led doesn't glow at all... (or at least i think so, if they are the cooresponding led's) Anyways, my dad doesn't know that the core 2 duo doesn't boot up, and he'll be really frustrated as well when he finds out... I just need at least the core 2 duo to work properly, it is the only computer with access to the internet... and it's freshly built to...

    Anyways, i'm now really worried about my core 2 duo not working, what did i do wrong? I re-set the bios, i took out the card and put it back in, i put it in another slot (i have an sli motherboard) why is it not even starting, the red light glows constantly , which is the hard drive activity, and the blue light doesn't glow at all!!!!! Could it be that i ruined the video card with static electricity or something, when i was taking it from one computer to the other? what can it be? i din't see any burning or whatever, .. it seems quite normal, all the fast spin and stuff, even on the fan on the video card.

    I am extremely frustrated, i do not know what to do!! Please help me, and tell me what this can possibly be caused by!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you, any help will be HIGHLY appreciated


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    This is really a forum for discussion and support related to software we develop. Not really a general computer help line.

    For the Athlon that can load Windows, boot into safe mode and change the video setting back to something supported by the onboard graphics card.

    For the Core 2 Duo I would remove the video card to see if it starts to boot (you'll hear the hard drive & CD) or maybe BIOS beeps. If this works, then maybe the video card is now bad. When you moved the video card did you remember to connect any extra power supply cables it requires back to the video card? Maybe the card is now not powered?