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How to regain your usb drive

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  • How to regain your usb drive

    Hi, as seen recently i had RAM issues so i happily used your software to discover my issues. Now i would like to reuse my USB drive as normal but can't figure out how to regain my drive in normal state. I'm stuck with a 49Mb partition i can format, a 99Mb EFI system partition wich i can't edit/delete and 7.12Gb unallocated wich i cant assigne a new volume to.

    Any help would be kindly appreciated

    Kind regards

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    See this post


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      Hi i just found out exact this post thru google but then how about the summary that it store in the stick ?? Gone ??


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        Click image for larger version

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        By the way it take 27mins to zero my USB stick, is that normal ?? MiniTool Partition take less than 5 mins to do the same thing


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          Partitioning and wiping a drive are not the same thing.
          To create a partition you only need to to write 1 disk sector. It should take less than a second.
          Wiping the whole drive with zeros means writing to every sector on the drive. Which will take much longer.