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Memtest v4.1.0 running for over 17hrs with errors

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  • Memtest v4.1.0 running for over 17hrs with errors

    Me test has been running for over 17 hours and has errors. I've googled how to read the results, but All of the tests looks different from mine. There are no "red bars" as my googled responses say to look for errors. I don't know how to interpret the test or when to shut it off.

    I have 4sticks of Ram, HP media center XP

    Is 17 hours unusual?

    L1 cache: 16k. 19271mb/s
    L2 cache: 2048k. 19728 Mb/s
    memory: 3583M. 1714 MB/s

    Pass 46%
    test 87%
    test #8

    pass: 1. Errors: 16275097

    Error confidence: 27
    lowest error address: 00080042c48 - 0248.1mb
    highest error address: 000dfee9ffc- 3582.5mb
    bits in error mask: ffffffff
    bits in error total:32. Min:1. Max:31 avg: 0
    max contiguous errors:2

    test Errors
    1. 2
    2. 0
    3. 10
    4. 20
    5. 1734
    6. 16310
    7. 22662
    8. 32767 -still changing
    9. 6
    10. 2

    thank you

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    Wow, that's a lot of errors.
    It is surprising the software was able to run for so long without a crash.

    So there was a bug in V4.1 (now fixed in V4.2) that caused error counts to overflow at around a value of 32,768. So the count for test #8 is most likely wrong. But it barely matters.

    The "pass: 1" text doesn't mean your computer passed the test. It just means that all the tests were executed once.

    If you have some spare RAM I would try swapping out the RAM and then running the test again. If you don't have any spare RAM, try just testing 2 sticks at a time.


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      Thank you. I tested each separate and three sticks were ok one was not.