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RAM issues detcetd by memtest86 on Fujitsu Celsius H series: right or not ?

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  • RAM issues detcetd by memtest86 on Fujitsu Celsius H series: right or not ?


    I am currently working on several PCs of the same type 'Fujitsu H series' with 8GB RAM, on which I run an application very demanding in terms of H/W resources (3D). I encounter some random issues such as application crashes, difficult to troubleshoot as the S/W may be wrong because it is under development. To be 100% sure that the problem does not come from the RAM, I run memtest86 v4.2 on those PCs. Some went OK, other went wrong. I would like to join snapshots but do not find the way on this forum.

    So for the one that went wrong, I sent them to my IT support asking them to have a look at it. They contacted Fujitsu, who replied that memtest86 is made for 32 bits architectures and often erroneously detects some errors on Fuji architecture...
    They also recommended using their own tool called SystemDiagnostics_DOS available on their site, who in turn confirmed that one PC has bad RAM out of two incriminated by memtest86.

    Could you please comment, confirm (or not !) and help evaluating their answer ?
    I need to know for sure if the errors raised by memtest86 can be trusted or if their is any doubt.
    If necessary I can give you details on the PC used.

    Thanks in advance for your support

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    Memtest86 is designed for both 32 and 64 bit CPU's. There is always the possibility of false indications of errors, but this is rare. If you can make a screenshot available we can give a more definitive answer.


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      Here are two snapshots of different PCs that give memtest86 errors:

      Sorry about the bad quality especially for the second one.

      Memtest86 run on different PCs all provided by the same company. Some pass memtest86, but most of them give such results.

      What is your opinion about this ?


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        Looks like real errors to me.

        As you are also getting application crashes and at least one of the machines also fails with Fuji's own test tool I think it is pretty conclusive.


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          The screen shots are very conclusive, real failures. Add that some fail, other don't and there can be no doubt.


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            Thank you for your answers.

            Just to clarify:
            - there is no doubt about the PC giving errors both with memtest86 and fuji S/W. This one has already shipped back and the RAM will be replaced.
            - the other one has errors with memtest86 and not with the Fuji S/W. This is my main question: in that case, is RAM bad ? Who is right ? Unfortunately we can't conclude anything on the fact that my application crashes, because it is under development and we keep finding bugs in it......
            The point is that Fuji support won't replace RAM if their S/W does not give errors on it. And I need to be sure if I am in a position to challenge their results with memtest errors.

            What I can do is run memtest again on that PC and send you more screenshots, to see if the result is always the same.


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              The error is most likely due to the RAM.
              But sometimes it is the motherboard, CPU, or external factors (e.g. EMI or high temperature)

              Take the RAM from a machine that reported no errors and put it in a machine with the errors, then retest and see what happens.