A suggestion for an enhancement to memtest. When running with individual errors displayed, keep a buffer which is bigger than the screen size and allow scrolling through the error list. The reason is that I'm getting very intermittent errors (43 errors in 40 hours of running) - which may be memory or mobo problems (still trying to diagnose) - if I switch individual error reporting on I can only display the last 12 (I think) errors. And I don't want to sit watching my machine for hours at a time - not the most interesting of pastimes. Also - a small but annoying bug (at least on my system): the error count has a "0" at the end - I think it needs to be shifted one space to the right to overwrite the "0" which is presumably put in at the start of the run. Or move that "0" one space left! Is the documentation right? It says there are 11 tests - my version (only just downloaded) only has 10.