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5 beta loads as 4.3?

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  • 5 beta loads as 4.3?

    I downloaded the beta 5 ISO and made the CD. When booting from said CD I get a DOS looking boot option screen. Choosing the default option 1 it loads to a normal DOS looking version 4.3.
    This is on a new i7 4770K build by the way.

    Had some more time and find the USB version works as intended as I see version 5. Question: When I boot from the CD the boot menu lists the optical drive only once with no EFI in front of it. Not two options like the USB drive. Like XXXUSB and UFI XXXUSB. I would guess that this is a bug with the UEFI implementation on the motherboard not memtest86.

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    Some motherboards have dual boot, or BIOS options to select the boot order (where you can select either a BIOS boot of UEFI boot).

    See the dual boot heading in this post for some additional details.