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Errors in v5RC1

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  • Errors in v5RC1

    Using a Gigabyte ga-b85-hd3 motherboard and testing some ram.
    Using 4xCrucial Ballistix Tactical 1600MHz CL8 DDR3 Modules.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1220.jpg
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ID:	35096(See screenshot)
    Is this bad ram or is this a beta/RC issue. After tests finish I will have the log file and go through one stick at a time.

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    Are you getting errors for the other tests as well?

    It looks like you are running in parallel CPU mode. We have seen some multiprocessor issues with buggy UEFI firmware. So worth testing in single CPU mode as well.

    And yes, please send the log file to us as well. Thanks.


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      I tried it in single cpu mode at first and had errors also not as many but still errors. I have since pulled the Module from slot2 figuring that would be linked to Cpu1 which was showing in the screenshot.
      I have restarted the memtest and was good for a bit, then got 1 error on Cpu0 so I pulled the module that was in slot1 and started the test again. waiting...
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        Now its giving 1 error on another stick. Gonna put all sticks in and test with original memtest86+ v4.20 and assume its reporting ram info improperly but if there are errors that they are properly reported.
        Reporting no errors yet.
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          Would be useful to know if you are getting errors with just #7 in V5 , or some of the other tests as well.