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Iteration counter behaving strangely

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  • Iteration counter behaving strangely

    I've witnessed some strange behavior from the iteration counter. It will change at random times to a new value. For instance this run going right now is saying iteration 27 even though it has been going for ~8 minutes and is only on test #6. A few minutes in and it had already ticked up to iteration 10!

    I am using the v5.0.0 beta but have seen the same behavior in v4 and v4.2 and also across three separate machines.

    The tests all pass, no errors, no stability issues with the machines under any circumstances. But still the odd iteration counter! Any feedback on why this happens would be great.

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    We removed the iteration counter from V5. So you shouldn't be seeing it if you have the latest beta release.

    The iteration counter was more or less and internal counter related to how many times particular loops within certain tests were executed. The more loops, the longer the test duration. But the exact meaning of an iteration varied from one test to the next. On the first pass the number of iterations is smaller so that each test completes quicker. On subsequent passes the iteration count is higher.

    But from a user's point of view the number doesn't mean much. So we removed it.


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      I downloaded what was supposedly the latest beta release, but after checking this morning it is showing up as 4.3.3 when running. Not really a big deal I suppose.

      Thank you for the explanation. Glad to know things are indeed running fine and I'm not just cursed!


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        The latest V5 beta is actually a dual boot setup.

        On machines with new UEFI BIOS you get V5.0 booting.
        On machines with traditional BIOS you get V4.3 booting