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  • Single CPU Mode unavailable

    when i'm trying to check my ram, memtest86+ freezes after a few seconds. Then i read, that memtest has some problems with specific mainboards ( As a workaround you should run in "Single CPU mode".
    But when i start memtest and hit c fast enough before it freezes the core selection only shows parallel, Round Robin and Sequential. All of them end in freezes. How do i get the single cpu option?
    2. Question: Where do i find the log files when starting via grub?

    My System:
    CPU: Intel i5-3450
    Mainboard: ASRock H77 Pro4
    Ram: 4x4GB diffrent manufacturer


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    Are you using MemTest86 or MemTest86+?
    MemTest86+ is not our software and hasn't been updated in years.


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      My bad, i was using memtest86+.
      Confusing names and packagedescriptions
      Memtest86+ is based on memtest86 3.0, and adds support for recent hardware, as well as a number of general-purpose improvements, including many patches to memtest86 available from various sources.

      Both memtest86 and memtest86+ are being worked on in parallel.

      I will try out memtest86 then. There is no debian package / grub loader magic for that right? I have to build a bootable usb-stick with it?


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        There is no debian package / grub loader magic for that right?
        Not that we provide. We haven't check recently what 3rd parties are doing.