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Memtest errors, tried everything.. Is it the CPU?

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  • Memtest errors, tried everything.. Is it the CPU?

    I've been having memtest errors since I built my new ryzen 3700X...
    First on gigabyte aorus ultra, and corsair ram, now on msi carbon wifi x570, new gskil tridentz ram.. (see on the link)

    I've tried everything : xmp, no xmp, boost ram voltage...

    Last tests : 2133mhz, 1.35 ram voltage, 1.1 soc voltage...
    It's now running everything at stock.

    All the tests I have done returned errors.
    I haven't had bsod or crashes in windows, but I can't start a new pc already with ram errors, right?

    Now I've changed MB, Ram, I'm thinking it can't be just a bad early Bios...

    What do you think?
    Could it be the cpu?
    I'm still in time to rma it, but I must do it in a couple days max...

    Last saved memtest :

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    Were the errors similar for both motherboards?

    If you hadn't already tried a new motherboard and new RAM I would have definitely blamed the RAM. Just a few errors with a small number of bits in error, coupled with row hammer warnings, all points towards a RAM issue.

    So either you are monumentally unlucky and got 2 sets of bad RAM, or it is the CPU.

    Do you have 4 sticks of RAM? If so test two at a time.


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      Yes same error on previous MB, I just had a bit more errors on the previous one.

      Only 2 sticks of ram. Always tested 2 at a time, I thought after one bad set I couldn't be that unlucky ^^

      I feel unlucky, but I'm not sure whether it's only the cpu, or cpu and ram again!

      I suppose I'll send it all back...

      Weird though.


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        You could try testing 1 stick of RAM at a time, but sometimes you only get errors in dual channel mode.
        But you might get lucky and just 1 stick has a fault and that fault persists in single channel mode, then you can blame the RAM.


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          Guess what... I couldn't be bothered and decided to live without a pc for days.

          I sent back both Ram and CPU.
          I'm getting ram strictly on the qvl for my MB, and we'll see what happens then.

          I'll make sure to test the ram as soon as I get both ram & cpu!


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            3 passes for the moment, no error, with new cpu and new ram...

            Guess it was the cpu after all...