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UEFI BIO S setting - H81MCS motherboard

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  • UEFI BIO S setting - H81MCS motherboard

    Facing issues during boot up on Asus H81- MCS motherboard with Bios version 3602. After couple of boots, randomly The screen just hangs indicating press del or F2 but it refuses to enter in Bios. Wanted to know what are the UEFI bios settings to be done in this board and Bios.

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    Are you trying to boot MemTest86 or just get into BIOS.
    We don't have this motherboard so can't tell you what options are available.


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      I am trying to boot Memtest 86 V8.2 . This issue occurs randomly not all times. When this issue occured, we booted with v5.02 the pc booted normally. After that i again used V8.2 to boot and it was working again. Seems some UEFI boot setting which need to be done in BIOS.
      Now i have set CSM to Auto in BIOS..