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How to add board to official blacklist.cfg

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  • How to add board to official blacklist.cfg

    I just spent the last week trying to diagnose why my memtest86 was freezing.

    I have a SuperMicro X9DR3-F, which is VERY close to the popular X9DRI-F. So close in fact that they share the same BIOS and Firmware. Which means that this board also needs Test12 to run in SingleCPU mode.

    I was able to solve my issues by adding an entry to blacklist.cfg for my board and TEST12_SINGLECPU

    How do we get this added to the official blacklist.cfg so that nobody else has to deal with this problem?

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    Thanks for letting us know.

    If you can send us the exact line that was added to blacklist.cfg, we can add it for the next public release.