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MemTest86 current ram speed display

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  • MemTest86 current ram speed display

    Hello, I’ve just recently begun using MemTest86 for overlooking my ram. While running the test MemTest86 displays “ddr4 xmp 2998MHz” as you can also see in the photo.

    My question is, is MemTest86 running my ram at 2998MHz? Or does that number not mean anything in this case.

    Note: before launching MemTest86 I went to my bios and checked my ram speed. It was running at 3466MHz.

    thank you!

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    That speed is the speed reported by the RAM itself (its default max clock speed that the RAM is capable of). The actual RAM clock speed that the RAM is running at currently might be something else entirely.

    Update June 2023: From release V10.5 the current RAM clock speed in Megatransfers/Sec (MT/Sec) is displayed for some CPU models. At the moment this list is the following CPUs: AMD Ryzen Zen 1/2/3/4, Intel Skylake, Kaby Lake, Alder Lake & Raptor Lake. We expect to add additional CPUs in the future. We also display the current timings in use, the voltage level and if the RAM is running in dual channel mode.​