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  • Hammer Test Maximum Rate

    The manual for the paid version of memtest86, v7, states that the first pass of test 13 hammers rows at the fastest possible rate.

    Can anyone provide more detail as to exactly what this rate would be, or how it is computed at runtime?

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    It depends on the speed of your CPU, memory controller & RAM. It runs as fast as the hardware allows (initially).
    Then as a 2nd step, row pairs are hammered at a lower hammer rate (200K per 64ms, which was determined by memory vendors as the worst case scenario).
    • If memory errors are detected in the first pass, error details are not immediately displayed to the user and the second pass is started. If errors are detected in the second pass, they are reported as normal.
    • If errors are detected in the first pass but not the second pass, a warning of potential high frequency bit flips is displayed to the user.