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Putting MemTest86 results into GRUB_BADRAM paramter?

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  • Putting MemTest86 results into GRUB_BADRAM paramter?


    I've run MemTest86 a few times on a new laptop and discovered some issues with the ram. Until I could get it fixed/replaced I would just like to add an entry into grub to skip over the areas with the GRUB_BADRAM parameter:

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the command right. I keep getting kernel panics before it starts up. I know the GPL MemTest86+ use to spit out what you need to include, but this is a 64 bit UEFI 16 GB laptop. I could disable UEFI boot, but I see no BIOS entry to run in 32 bit mode, so MemTest86+ does not seem like an option.

    If I purchase a V8 pro license, would it give me the given the error address[es]/mask[s] with the correct alignment? Or does someone know how to calculate it?


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    We did have a link to 3rd party instructions on how to use Linux's badram feature. But the checked the link today and the whole site it gone.

    But it is on our to do list to make a better set of instructions (and also do it for windows).