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Upgraded Build / unstable System

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  • Upgraded Build / unstable System

    Hello everybody, i'm Pantelis.
    I'd be grateful if someone could help me or at least show me the right direction.

    Since a few days ago, i bought a new motherboard and CPU in order to upgrade my build.
    After installing all the components i experienced multiple game crashes.Once the OS restarted after the crash (+ a warning about corrupt files).Today aside of the usual, a game froze, i heard a repeated beep sound (while i could not move either the mouse or use the keyboard) and then crashed.
    I tried different GPU drivers, updated windows and many other tips i found online but nothing worked.

    My Memtest86 results: (it's the report, unfortunately i could not upload the file directly)

    Is it possible that this may be because of the motherboard?
    Although i never tested it, my older build did not have such issues.Not even once.
    Should i buy a new ram? or should i test the motherboard first?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like bad RAM.

    See this page