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Determining the faulty module

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  • Determining the faulty module

    Could please someone clarify to me, how the tests go if more than one memory slot is manned?
    If I start the test with default settings, the "RAM Info" line shows only module in 1st slot, whereas it's not clear if only the displayed module is being tested, or all manned banks. I've found a dozens of errors during the test, but didn't know to which module they're assigned. and because that I had to remove suspected module and leave the one I assumed healthy, perform the tests again. and only after passing them with success I could be certain the removed module was faulty.
    This should run for all inserted modules and at the end list bank numbers or identify particular modules exposing the errors, but not sure, the address ranges say nothing to me about to which module they belong.

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    Determining which module is the bad one is typically not possible as different systems map memory addresses to physical memory sticks in different ways. More information and suggestions for determining which module is at fault can be found on the following troubleshooting page.


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      OK so if I got it right, selectively removing modules is the only method to determine the failing one. Thanks for confirming.


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        If you have deep technical knowledge you can map bad addresses to a particular RAM stick. And it is different computation for each CPU model and each RAM/BIOS config.
        But we are only aware of one person in the world with this knowledge and he wasn't sharing it.