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Configure Memtest86 to show SPD on main screen during and after testing possible ?

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  • Configure Memtest86 to show SPD on main screen during and after testing possible ?


    I'm wondering if it's possible to configure Memtest86 Pro to show spd information including serialnumber of each slot on main screen like this picture ? sure I know the spd information is shown in the html report but a screenshot saved to tftp would be awesome.


    Click image for larger version

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    There is a screen with the info, but it isn't this one in your screen shot above. We need that screen space to display any errors and the final test result.

    You need to go back to the main menu and then look at the RAM stick info.
    I don't see why a "screen shot" (which isn't so easy to do in UEFI BIOS) would be better than a HTML report?


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      The 'Ram stick info' option provides 4-5 screens with information for each ram stick - that's too much info to provide in an online ad.

      A "screen shot" wouldn't be better than a HTML report alone but together they would help - recently there was a guy providing Passmark Memtest86 HTML reports for his 'tested ram' but he was caught having edited the reports and was banned.

      A picture with memory producer, model and serialnumber and a matching HTML report would be awesome for sellers.


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        I don't think adding more information to that screen and having a screen shot function would prevent vendor fraud. I guess it would be marginally harder than editing the HTML.
        But fraud prevention isn't the main goal of MemTest86.

        Maybe long term there is a better solution, where we implement some verification checksum on the HTML report and a online service to verify the key elements of the report haven't been modified after the report was created. It also wouldn't prevent fraud, but it is another hurdle.


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          Of course it wouldn't prevent vendor fraud but it would help serious buyers and sellers - fraud prevention is going to be hard but having an extra option wouldn't hurt for the Pro users of your software.

          Sure a verification checksum is not a bad idea.