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G Skill trident z 3600 Mhz CL16 Errors

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  • G Skill trident z 3600 Mhz CL16 Errors


    First thank you to all who support / maintain this software its quite amazing.

    My specifications are as follows:
    - Amd ryzen 5600x stock
    - Msi B550 Gaminf Edge wifi
    - WD 850 1TB NVMe SSD
    - GTX 1660 TI
    - Msi a750gf power supply
    - G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory

    This is a new system that is only a few months old. Bought all parts at Canada computers.

    I was having very random crash to desktops from playing games such as PUBG and Witcher3. Never happened in Dota 2 however. Windows event log showed nt.dll errors and a really generic exception message. Decided to test the ram using windows 10 memory diagnostic tool. It found no issue.

    However, yesterday I found issues with memtes86 on both of these sticks alternating in slot A2.
    See attached.

    As you can see, it seems to fail on the fourth hex character always off by 8 bits (left most bit which signifies 8 in decimal).

    i haven't tried to run it without the motherboard XMP profile 1 enabled because I thought that it should be running at advertised speed.

    So is this faulty ram? I assumed so.
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    I think you might have posted the wrong image, all I see is motherboard version details.

    From your description, it sounds likely that it may faulty memory. Try testing the sticks individually to see if it isolated to a single RAM.

    You can start with this page for more on troubleshooting:


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      Yes I has attached the wrong image. Sorry I'm on mobile.

      Here attached is the correct image which shows the memtest errors for the g skill ram.

      Take note that it's always the same bit that is causing the errors. (Fourth hex character left from right and is always bit 1000) I believe.

      is this a classic case of dead ram or can these test cases (4, 5) find faults with the motherboard or CPU? I hope not...

      I have picked up corsair rgb ram 2 x 16gb 3600 mhz cl18 and so far its running with no errors.

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        If there are no errors when using a different set of ram, then the old set of ram would be faulty.


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          I believe it has something to do with the XMP profile. When running memtest with XMP enabled several errors such as above begin to show. When disabling XMP in MSI bios and running it in JEDEC i do not get any errors (atleast at the same time I would have with XMP). This is for the g skill ram.

          I still am using the corsair rgb pro ram without any issues (on memtest) in XMP mode. I had run a full test with 4 passes and there were no errors where there would have been on the g skill xmp.

          My guess is that the g skill would need to be manually tuned in order for it to be stable at its advertised speeds. Go figure.


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            The G skill ram that is throwing errors is on the ram QVL but not the motherboards: .

            Going to assume it's a bad set of ram because both were giving errors when trying individually on XMP profile 1.


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              Originally posted by cipher_text View Post
              My guess is that the g skill would need to be manually tuned in order for it to be stable at its advertised speeds. Go figure.
              Which really means it (or the motherboard/CPU) is faulty.