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A question about run MemTest86 PROV9.4 version fail. thanks.

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  • A question about run MemTest86 PROV9.4 version fail. thanks.


    MemTest86 version: PROV9.4;
    Order number: WPG6S60916.
    X86 core inside: Intel AtomŽ P5942B
    problem description:
    we use MemTest86 V8.3 is no issue, but when we use PROV9.4, there are two errors(details as attached):
    !!!! X64 Exception Type - 0D(#GP - General Protection) CPU Apic ID - 00000000 !!!!
    !!!! Find image based on IP(0x63251399) (No PDB) (ImageBase=00000000631E8000, EntryPoint=00000000631E83E0) !!!!

    please help to analyze.
    thank you very much.

    best Regards.
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    Details of the meaning of CPU exceptions can be found here
    They cause the CPU to halt.

    x0D is a General Protection Fault, which can occur for a lot of reasons. Some of which are software related and some are hardware.

    It isn't a know problem. But on the other hand the Intel Atom P5942B is a very rare CPU and we don't have an example of this CPU to test with. Plus you don't seem to be booting from a USB drive and are running MemTest86 from the command line. Which is also something we don't test for very often.

    Can you send use the debug log file (MemTest86.log).



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      MemTest86.log as attached.
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        This may have been fixed in v9.5 beta 1, which you can download here:


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          we can test pass with Memtest86 v9.5 beta 1 version, but it only find 16 cores. but we can find 24 cores when use V8.3 version.
          Memtest86 V9.5 version testlog as attached.
          so i have 2 questions:
          1. when will Memtest86 v9.5 version be released?
          2. Can we test with V8.3 version? and how to get it?

          Thank you very much.
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            Anyone can help to answer my questions?
            1. Can I use the old version(V8.3), that we bought it last year, and it would be out of date.
            2. Or I need to download a new one, but i can't find the V8.3 Version in the link.
            3. Or when will v9.5 version be released? that i can download it directly.



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              Free edition tests with a most 16 cores.
              The value, MAXCPUS, can be set in the config file. By default, this value is 256 (Pro Edition) and 16 (Free Version). This parameter can be set to a maximum value of 512 cores.

              But there isn't much performance advantage with large numbers of cores. It can even be negative. Which is why we turn off hyper-threading by default, it slows things down.

              We are working on new V9.5 features at the moment. Might be a few more weeks before release. Or if they work really well we might just go directly to V10.

              There is no download link for V8.


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                thank you for your reply.
                Do you mean that, we use V9.5 (Free version, 16 cores) to test DDR4 memory(Pressure test) is enough?
                Please help to provide suggestions. thanks.


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                  While it depends on your CPU and RAM setup, normally around 2 or 3 threads is optimal for maximum memory throughput.
                  Throughput can decrease after that.

                  Here is an example from a Ryzen 5 5600X machine with 4 x 8GB of RAM.
                  12 threads are slightly slower than 3 in this case.
                  (this graph is from the Advanced memory test in PerformanceTest)

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Memory-speed-per-thread.png Views:	0 Size:	57.2 KB ID:	53074