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USB image creation fails possibly because of usb flash drive size

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  • Syntax2001

    I use an ancient 256 MB stick. To do that, format the stick with FAT32 (if it's not yet FAT32 formatted).
    Then mount/open the IMG-File. (I'm a Linux user, but this should also work on Windows.)
    Finally, simply copy the folder EFI (that you will find inside the IMG file) to the root of your stick.
    Now, restart and UEFI-boot from the stick.


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  • David (PassMark)
    If you are using the latest 10.2 release, then a 1GB flash drive should be fine.

    But you can also purchase a new 8GB flash drive for $3. Or you could really go to town and get a 32GB USB3.1 drive for $4.

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  • USB image creation fails possibly because of usb flash drive size

    Hello everyone,

    is it still possible to use a 1 GB usb flash drive for the memtest86 image?
    Facts that speak against that:
    - memtest68_usb.img used to be 512 MB in size. Now it's (in most new versions) 1 GB in size.
    - image creation always worked on my 1 GB usb flash drive as long as the image was 512 MB in size. Every time the image is 1 GB in size, image creation fails (to be noted: sometimes a new version is released with a 512 MB image. Next version may be a 1 GB image again. There seems no consistency …)

    Facts that should speak for that:
    - every documentation (where that requirement is mentioned) claims a usb flash drive >= 512 MB should suffice
    - I could find no information anywhere, where is noted that the usb flash drive size requirement was changed. No readme, no changelog, no documentation, no faql, …

    A small hint if a 1 GB flash drive is still usable or why image creation fails lately would be appreciated.
    Addendum: trying to create that boot disk in windows.

    Kind regards