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  • MemTest86 Stuck

    I have run it 2 times and have 5 logfiles, 4 of them end with: Start memory range test (0x0 - 0x85F000000). Does anyone know why this happens?

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    In the absence of any additional information I would assume it is a hardware failure of some sort.


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      Is there any information you need to confirm that or a test that I can run?


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        Was the machine stable in Windows or Linux?
        What hardware is in the machine?

        Also doesn't really make sense that you have five log files, after running it only twice.

        Start with the assumption that the RAM is bad. See this page

        If the RAM seems to be good and you don't have any high end troubleshooting gear, then check for BIOS upgrades, swap the CPU, then swap MB, then swap PSU.


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          The PC has crashes when playing games(Valorant and Phasmaphobia) on Windows.
          It has an Intel Core i7-10700F, a GTX 1660 and 2 x 16 GB of Corsair venegance pro ram.
          Could it be that 1 ramstick has a memory cap that’s lower than 16 GB, my Minecraft is running fine, with using 12 GB ram.


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            So very likely a hardware fault.
            Bad RAM (or even a bad CPU) doesn't always cause a crash. Impact could be any random thing. A block in Minecraft that is in the wrong spot, or the wrong colour, or a million other glitches.

            See the troubleshooting page above.
            (e.g. run with 1 stick at a time)