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osfclone sata, scsi

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  • David (PassMark)
    OSFClone is a self booting solution based on Tiny Core Linux.

    So support for particular types of drives will depend on what device drivers are available. Pretty much all SATA and IDE drives will be supported. As will USB connected drives.

    More exotic storage devices (SAS SCSI, RAID, etc..) might or might not be supported.

    In terms of getting it to run inside of VMWare here is some details ffrom the Tiny Core Wiki.

    There are a few things to note if you would like to install Tiny Core Linux into a VMWare Virtual Machine.

    By default VMWare Workstation will create a SCSI virtual hard drive, this will not be recognized by Tiny Core Linux. The IDE virtual disk setting is not available though the 'new virtual machine wizard', SCSI virtual will be selected by default. After you have created the virtual machine, select 'Edit virtual machine settings' from the Virtual Machine page. Remove the SCSI hard drive. Then add an IDE hard drive.

    Tiny Core Linux does not require a hard drive to function. It is run out of RAM by default.

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  • darko123
    started a topic osfclone sata, scsi

    osfclone sata, scsi

    in vmware scsi win7, clone utility not seeing hdd, is it sata scsi supported by osfclone, and what are requirements(nothing on site)
    p.s. great work osforensic i hope free version in future